# Information

Webhooks are the REST APIs you created yourself or offered by a third-party software, which get called when a message is received in a Sociocs channel.

URL of the REST API is referred to as webhook endpoint. You can set multiple webhooks endpoints for the same channel, or the same webhook endpoint for multiple channels.

# Channels supporting webhooks

  • SMS (with Twilio)
  • WhatsApp (with Gupshup)
  • WhatsApp (with Twilio)

# How to set it up?

In order for Sociocs to start calling your webhook endpoint on receiving incoming messages, you need to subscribe the endpoint for a specific channel. You can add multiple webhooks for the same channel, or same webhook for multiple channels, depending upon your needs.

# Webhook endpoint invocation details

Sociocs calls the webhook endpoints with an assumption that it's a REST API accepting JSON body parameters.

# Method used


# Body parameters

Name Value Data type
provider twlo (for Twilio SMS),
twlowa (for Twilio WhatsApp),
gswa (for Gupshup WhatsApp)
channel_key Channel key associated to the webhook String
from Sending phone number String
to Receiving phone number String
name Sender's name (if available) String
text Message text String
file_urls Publicly accessible links to files in the message Array of String
image_urls Publicly accessible links to images in the message Array of String
video_urls Publicly accessible links to videos in the message Array of String