# Get subscriptions

Get the list of subscriptions.

# Method


# Path


# Response

# HTTP status codes

Code Remarks
200 Request was successful.
400 Validation error or request body was incorrectly formatted.
401 Authentication failed. Check apikey header.
404 Requested API endpoint not found.
429 The rate limit has been reached.
500-511 There was a problem processing the request on our server. Try again later.

# Response object

Name Value Remarks
status success or error -
errors Array of object { msg: [error detail] } Only present when status is error.
data Array of subscription object. See below Only present when status is success

# Subscription object

Name Value
id Subscription ID
channel_key Channel key associated to this webhook
created_at Milliseconds timestamp of when the subscription was created
platform Platform hosting the endpoint (value provided by the caller when creating the subscription)
provider twlo (for Twilio SMS),
twlowa (for Twilio WhatsApp),
gswa (for Gupshup WhatsApp)
status Status of the webhook subscription. active or paused
subscriber_reference_id Unique identifier for the subscription (value provided by the caller when creating the subscription)
trigger_direction Value is always incoming
webhook_url Webhook endpoint URL

# Code sample

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.sociocs.com/webhook-subscriptions' \
--header 'apikey: your_api_key' \