# Preferences

# How to go to Preferences?

# Web app

  • Click on the dropdown menu on top right.
  • Select Preferences on the left side.

# Mobile app

  • Open drawer menu on top left.
  • Tap on Profile & settings.
  • Select Preferences in the list.

# Available preferences

# Send message on Enter key

When this setting is turned on, pressing enter key while composing a new message or replying to a message will send the message instead of adding a line break in the message.

# Auto archive default

Set a default value for the auto archive setting. When on, customer messages are archived as soon as a reply is sent. You can also turn auto archive on or off, for a particular conversation, at the time of sending a reply.

# Profile bar default tab

Profile bar is what you see on the right most side of the screen when viewing a conversation (i.e. sender's profile, notes, and follow-ups). You can select which tab should be opened by default for your team.

# Available options

  1. Profile tab
  2. Notes tab
  3. Follow-ups tab

# Follow-ups tab preferences

These are additional preferences for the Follow-ups tab.

# Open new follow-up form automatically when the follow-ups tab is opened

When this setting is turned on, instead of showing follow-ups for a conversation by default, it opens a new follow-up reminder form. This makes it very convenient for your team to add new follow-up reminders.

Given you already receive a reminder in the inbox on the follow-up due date, and also there is a separate page for viewing upcoming and past follow-ups, keeping this setting on is recommended.

# Default tags for the new follow-up form

If there are tags you use frequently for new follow-up reminders (e.g. leads), adding them here would always auto-populate them when a new follow-up reminder form is opened.